January 30, 2011

Indotekken Highlights Reel - feat. Rain

Another week has passed by, that means Garlic is back to bring you another edition of Highlights Reel. And on the latest one, he interviewed one of the strongest players from South Korea.
He & his team regularly compete in Tekken CRASH and they actually got 2nd in the 4th season.
But that's not all, because he's travelled to USA as well to other countries, and has proved himself to be a very skillful player.

Without further ado, this is Indotekken Highlights Reel feat. Rain.

January 20, 2011

Madcatz SE edisi WWE

Madcatz keluarin stick baru lagi nih..
Nama nya Brawl Stick.yang kurang lebih stick SE dengan casing warna hitam dan artwork WWE..

January 18, 2011

Indotekken Highlights Reel - feat. Rip

It's been a long while since Garlic brings you the latest edition of Indotekken Highlights Reel. Well, he's back along with a new interview with one of the best Law players in the US or even the world. Who has also contributed to the community with Level Up Your Game app, and its web series, and the Throw Break Trainer, and more.

So, without futher ado this is Highlights Reel feat. Rip.