January 30, 2011

Indotekken Highlights Reel - feat. Rain

Another week has passed by, that means Garlic is back to bring you another edition of Highlights Reel. And on the latest one, he interviewed one of the strongest players from South Korea.
He & his team regularly compete in Tekken CRASH and they actually got 2nd in the 4th season.
But that's not all, because he's travelled to USA as well to other countries, and has proved himself to be a very skillful player.

Without further ado, this is Indotekken Highlights Reel feat. Rain.

Indotekken Proudly Presents, Highlights Reel!
Featuring Rain!
The Korean Tekken God!

Lizanias : Halow, our loyal audience of Indotekken! Welcome back, to your favourite show that's on every sunday night, it's Indotekken Highlights Reel!

Garlic : Starring the best Tekken Players from all over the world. Hosted by your Coolest Reporters Lizanias and,
Lizanias : Garlic.

Lizanias : In this edition, we've invited the most popular Tekken player at the moment.
Garlic : Because he is handsome. Liz loves handsome men.
(editor's note: Garlic.. you're an ass)

Lizanias : He's great with various characters.
Garlic : But he never uses Eddy. He used Feng in the past though.
Lizanias : He's won & placed high in many tournaments. In the US and other countries such as Italy.

Garlic : And he was invited to those events. So that's like a recognition of his Tekken skills.
Lizanias : Without further ado. Here's Rain!

Garlic : Hi, Rain
Rain : Hi
Garlic : Nice to meet you. I'm a big fan.

Lizanias : Please introduce yourself to us & the audience.
Rain : Hello I'm Hong(family name) Sunpyo(given name)

Lizanias : And how old are you mr Hong?
Rain : 26 now by Korean age, born at 1986

Lizanias : where do you live exactly?
Rain : Of course, South Korea. ^^ Not even North Korea.
When you guys come to Green arcade, I'll be there.

Interview with Rain, a Korean Tekken God 1/5

Lizanias : How did you meet/play Tekken for the first time?
Rain : When I was 9 years old? 10? I don't remember correctly.
Then I went to arcade everyday and played tekken3.
I miss the days, then I was pure and just love this game like gangbusters.

Lizanias : Do you play other fighting games besides Tekken?
Rain : I love to see SF4, not playing. Actually, trying new game is hard thing for me. Cause I'm working now. :]

Lizanias : Which character interests you since you first played the game, and still does up to this day?

Rain : Steve. I played him from tekken4. In tekken DR I played Kazuya, but I missed steve long time. His play style is very unique, obviously. I'd like to play him anytime. It gives me fun. ^^

Lizanias : Wow, I bet that's why you did so well with Steve on the 5th of Tekken Crash, and perform well on current season.

Lizanias : Which Tekken do you think is the most interesting. T6BR/T5DR/T4/TTT/T3/T2...wow that's a mouthful. So, which one is it?

Rain : First is T6BR, second is T4. I don't know many things about T2 and T3. TTT had bad balance, and hard to beat master for novice. T4 was really fun, but noone played it in Korea.
T5DR had good balance and fun, but still hard to beat master for novice.

T6 is like a lottery. In T6, sometimes novice beats master by lucky hopkick and magic 4. I love the fact. In my opinion, fun is come from unexpected and surprise things. Always master beat beginner, why we organizing tournament, just give the prize money to best player. :]

Lizanias : Garlic, do you have any questions?
Garlic : I do.

Garlic : Rain, what do you do on daily basis?
Rain : Work and work. My job is mobile game planning. Because of it's work of IT, my job require many time from me. But I'm still enjoy that. :]

Garlic : Do you have a role model in Tekken? and why?
Rain : Nin. He was my mentor. I learned from his mentality everyday.

Garlic : Mentality huh? Mr. Naps, also said that Nin played so calm like he didn't care about winning or losing.

Garlic : Btw, what did you do to be this good in Tekken?
Rain : Just play and play. Imagine when we learn some language. Some of you try to learn it from book and teacher. But most of you will agree best solution is just speaking during long time.
Tekken is same, you can learn something from someone, but that's not all of your learning.

Garlic : Moving on, what's or should I say..what are your best achievements in your Tekken career so far?

Rain : Personally, tekken crash season 4 was best tournament for me.
Even if I got second, my personal winning ratio was 80%.

Rain's achievements

Garlic : Do you have any rivals?
Rain : Yes. Tongbalove is my rival. From long time ago we competited against each other.
After he goes to army, probably knee will be my new target. '_^

Tekken Crash S5 Royal Rumble(레인)Rain vs.TongbalLove(통발러브)

Deathmatch - Knee (Jack-6) VS Rain(Steve)

Garlic : Who is your closest friend in Tekken?
Rain : Holeman and Nin?
I learned tekken from them. Now we discusing everyday about new trend of play style and and new strategies.

Garlic : Alright, please pick a match that you feel is the most memorable one.
Rain : SBO 2008 was best memory for me. Even though my result was just last 8, I fought with partners who I trusted.

Garlic : Have you ever felt stuck in Tekken? When was it and why?
Rain : When I lost to holeman(kazuya, Tekken6.0), I thought beating his kazuya was almost impossible.

Garlic : You've been everywhere. How do you compare Korean stage to others?
Rain : Actually, Korean stage is solid. Because it's the stage for competition.
It's hard to enjoy. When I was in foriegn tournament, the feeling I felt was different to Korea.
They are enjoying their party. So it was good exeprience for me, everytime.

Strong Style 4 Top 8 Rain vs insanelee

Crow, Rain, Tongbal Love at Strong Style 4

Garlic : Okay, Rain. I guess that is all.
Lizanias : We appreciate your time for this interview, very much. Thank you to be here with us, and I hope you will continue to do well.
Rain : Thanks. Im also happy to hear that there are a lot of my fans in Indonesia. :]. I hope they will know and love me more through this interview. Thank you.

Maaf untuk para fans Rain, karena pertanyaan dari kalian tidak sempat dia jawab. Pertanyaan dari kalian dikirim seminggu setelah kumpulan pertanyaan pertama. Dan mungkin karena sibuk kerja & Tekken CRASH, Rain jadi nga sempat jawab.
Translation:We apologise to Rain's fans, because he didn't have time to answer your questions. Your questions were sent one week after, the first batch of questions. And perhaps due to work & Tekken CRASH, Rain didn't answer those questions.

You can follow Rain at twitter @tekkenrain

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  1. As an SF fan, when I see these blogs about hi-profile players in other games makes me feel that there's more depth on them, plus the so monetized Korean scene makes it look real serious. From the SRK forums I just see the wall and ground bouncing bitching all over, i just think SF and Tekken are just 2 different games... and Rain seems to be human after all on top of his game.

  2. About the korean scene.. you should check out the interview with Maxi Millian, if you haven't listened to it..


    He talked a lot about the atmosphere in green arcade(most popular arcade in Seoul for Tekken players), how motivated the players are, and more.

  3. y rain dint join TC season 6 royal rumble ?