January 18, 2011

Indotekken Highlights Reel - feat. Rip

It's been a long while since Garlic brings you the latest edition of Indotekken Highlights Reel. Well, he's back along with a new interview with one of the best Law players in the US or even the world. Who has also contributed to the community with Level Up Your Game app, and its web series, and the Throw Break Trainer, and more.

So, without futher ado this is Highlights Reel feat. Rip.

Indotekken Proudly Presents, Highlights Reel!
Featuring Rip! the Law of America?!

Lizanias: Halow, dear audience of Indotekken! Welcome back, to the favourite show that's on every Sunday Night, it's Indotekken Highlights Reel!

Garlic : Starring the best Tekken Players from all over the world. Hosted by your Coolest Reporters, Lizanias and,
Lizanias : Garlic.

Garlic : Another very famous Tekken player has arrived at our studio tonight.

Lizanias : He's one of the best players in USA.

Garlic : His Law is very aggresive. His pitbull is amazing.
Garlic : Yes, lets welcome the Law of America!

Lizanias : So Rip, please tell us your full name?
Rip : Reepal Parbhoo

Lizanias : How did you get the nickname "Rip"?
Rip : It was in high school. One of my teachers couldn't say my name, so he said 'How about I just call you Rip?' and its stuck since. So yes, its my actual nickname, not just a gaming handle.

Lizanias : How old are you?
Rip : 28

Lizanias : Where do you live?
Rip : Los Angeles, California

Lizanias : When and how you did you meet Tekken for the first time?
Rip : When I was about 13 I went to my arcade and one of my friends taught me Tekken 1 when Tekken 2 had just come out. I wanted to save money while learning since Tekken 1 was only 25c and Tekken 2 was 50c. He taught me Law because thats who he knew and Law was an easy character so I stuck with him. Then Tekken 2 on PSX I played with my friends forever so I got hooked with it.

Lizanias : Where do you usually play Tekken?
Rip : With my friends in Southern California. Super Arcade/Video94/WNF

Lizanias : What do you think about Marshall Law compared to others in T6BR?
Rip : He is very strong. Definitely on the upper tier. Probably one of the top 5 characters in the game.

Lizanias : Where do you see him in the tier List? Is the current(BR) Law, the strongest version ever?
Rip : I think Marshall Law is definitely near the top of the tier list. Probably top 5 in the game if not top 3. Its hard to say that this is the strongest version though. I personally think that the 5.0 was the strongest, but that game had even stronger characters. If this version isn't the strongest, then its probably tied with the strongest (5.0)

Lizanias : Which gameplay suits you best? Rushdown, pokeheavy or a lot of spacing?
Rip : Generally I like to turtle and let my opponents make the mistakes. I do my part to force them to make mistakes as well. If I go up against another turtle though, then I have to adapt and play a more rushdown/poke heavy style. Luckily Law is a very versatile character and can be played either way.

Lizanias : Do you use any other character?
Rip : The only other character I play is Paul Phoenix, but its hardly tournament ready. Its more just to make people feel bad lol.

Lizanias : What do you do on daily basis, besides playing Tekken?
Rip : Currently, I work part time, hang out with my gf, make Level Up Your Game episodes, learn to program iPhone apps, and play Starcraft 2.

Lizanias : How far has gaming influenced your life now, especially Tekken?
Rip : The past 2 years have been very Tekken heavy. Because of Tekken I've had the opportunity to travel the United States and even abroad. I've been to Tokyo two years in a row now for SBO (Tougeki) and I'm most likely heading to Paris in a few months for a Tekken tournament there. My work on Level Up Your Game got me picked up by MLG to do the commentary at their Tekken events, so I've flown all over the United States this year.

Lizanias : Which Tekken version do you feel is the most interesting? T6BR/T5DR/T4/TTT? And why?
Rip : My favorite Tekken is Tekken 6:BR. I think its the most balanced Tekken. I definitely miss Tekken Tag Tournament because the Tag feature was so unique and offered so much more variety to the gameplay. As we know now though, Tag 2 is coming, and it looks to be a mix of Tekken 6 and TTT, so fingers crossed it'll remain nice and balanced!

Lizanias: Thank you Rip. oh Garlic has some questions. Why don't you go ahead Garlic.

Garlic : Alright, do you have any person that you look up as your role model? And Why?
Rip : As far as Tekken goes, my role models have been the players in my region who were the top players before I learned to play the game competitively. Guys like Tomhilfiger, Alex Valle, MIC, Shauno, Arario, etc. Their mentality and gameplay styles built the foundation of the tournament strategies I have today. So I really wouldn't be the player I am today without the knowledge I acquired from them over the years.

Garlic : What's your best achievement in tournaments so far?
Rip : Placing 2nd at Evolution 2010 this year is probably my best achievement. Nin got 1st, so I was the highest placing American.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Rip and Nin, holding the prizes at Evo 2010

In 2009 Evolution had an exhibition tournament which I got 1st in, so it was good to be the highest placing American in a non-exhibition Evolution tournament. I've had a pretty good year overall, placing 3rd in the WCG US Nationals and my team getting 1st at the SBO Qualifiers tournament.

Rip's 2010 Tekken 6 Recap

Garlic : Please pick a match that you feel is the most memorable in your life.
Rip : Wow this is really hard. I have a terrible memory, so I'll just go with something recent. My match against Mr Naps at Evolution this year. I hit this ridiculous, rage-mode CH d+2,3 in it and catch him with a few tech catches. It felt good to hit a Bryan player with some tech catches at the wall.

Evo 2010-Loser's Final - Rip(Law) vs Mr. Naps(Bryan,Bruce)

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Evo 2010 - Mr Naps vs Rip

Garlic : Do you have any rival?
Rip : I don't really have any rivals. I'm friends with the majority of the top players in my region and across the USA I respect all of the top players.

Garlic : Have you ever felt stuck in Tekken?
Rip : Plenty of times I've felt stuck in Dark Ressurection. When your character only has so many useful moves, theres only so much you can do. Luckily I've got JustFrameJames here in my region to push my character to new limits so I can learn more from him.

MLG Raleigh 2010 JustFrameJames vs GM Fizzle P1

Also over the years, I've learned that movement/spacing/punishing are good things to work on to help push yourself.

Garlic : Do you plays any other fighting game besides Tekken?
Rip : The only other fighting game I've played is the Street Fighter 4 series. I havent played much since Super came out though. I was a Sagat player, so once he got nerfed I gave up on that competitively since I wasn't that good anyway and then my character got nerfed. Just made it that much harder to compete, so I chose to focus on Tekken.

Garlic : This question is submitted by my own pupil. He asks, Which character do you plan to discuss in next episode of Level Up Your Game?

Rip : Not sure right now! We're on a little break since the next month is very heavy on tournaments. I'll be in Dallas, Texas to commentate the MLG Grand Finals, then I'll be in Paris the next week for UTXII, then in Northern California for Norcal Regionals a week or two after that. Once those tournaments are out of the way we'll be able to put more time back into Level Up Your Game. I do want to hit up the popular characters next though, so in no order, Bryan, Bob, Steve, Law, Lei, Dragunov. I might also have something for iPhone users in the next few weeks, so stay tuned to iamtekken.com!

(Editor's note: their app is out, more info here. The Lei episode is already out as well, go check it out)

Garlic : How would you compare US to other countries?
Rip : In terms of our scene, we are all to spread apart. We have about 7 or 8 major regions of players totally spread out. In terms of where we rank in skill level across the world, I think as a whole the USA is in the top 3 with Korea and Japan.

Garlic : Are you interested in becoming a full professional gamer?
Rip : Currently there isn't enough money invested in fighting games, but Tekken has given me a lot these past two years so I'm happy with what I've gotten out of it.

Lizanias : Well, you do have the potential in becoming a professional gamer. Even after you lose to Naps in the last championship. 

Garlic : Yea. People still look up to you.
Rip : Thanks man. MrNaps is very good and Bryan is very good. I made a lot of big mistakes in that set. He got his revenge for when I beat him at Evo.

Lizanias : Well, that's it folks. Thanks for joining us this week.
Garlic : Stay tuned for another big player, on the next edition of Indotekken Highlights Reel!


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