August 28, 2010

Producer nya Tekken juga main Tekken

Sewaktu Katsuhiro Harada berada di London untuk tourney Super VS Battle 20-X, dia menyempatkan diri untuk main Tekken 6:BR dengan fans Tekken.

Untuk baca cerita di balik kejadian tersebut, dan liat video nya...
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Deskripsi video nya yang dikasih
Katsuhiro Harada -the producer of Tekken- was in London to visit Super VS Battle 20-X. Sunday afternoon he tweeted that he was heading to Casino Arcade. We happened to be close by and hurried to Casino Arcade. And there he was along with Michael Murray. After some talk, Demonitzu (NL) and Marin (NL) played Tekken 6 on the present cabinet with Harada-san watching. When Demonitzu was out of credits, Harada-san suddenly took place in front of the machine and wanted to play against Marin. According to Michael Murray, it is really rare for Harada-san to play the game against fans. Although he warned us not to expect too much.

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