September 13, 2010

Indotekken Highlights Reel - feat. Aris

Garlic recently had the chance to interview Aris, currently one of the most well known Tekken players.

Without futher ado, this is Highlights Reel feat. Aris.

The Beardman. Aris!

Indotekken Proudly Presents, Highlights Reel!
Featuring Aris!
The first Profesional Tekken Player from Los Angeles, California!

Garlic : Liz, what date is today?
Lizanias : Hey, Lic. You just got here? Today, umm? It's definitely September..

Garlic : Christmas is still a long way to come right?
Lizanias : Of course. It's later on December. Why?

Garlic : I just saw Santa Claus in front of the studio.
Lizanias : Santa? You gotta be kidding.. (turns head)
Lizanias : My goodness, that's not Santa. That's Aris!

Garlic and Lizanias : Hello, loyal audience of Indotekken! It's the show that's on every Sunday night, it's another edition of Indotekken Highlights Reel!
Garlic : Starring the best Tekken Players of the World. Hosted by your Coolest Reporters, Garlic and,
Lizanias : Lizanias!

Garlic : In this episode we have a special guest, a very popular international player.
Lizanias : Not only he's famous because of his skills, but his face is easily recognizable.
Garlic : Because he's got beard all over his face.

Lizanias : He's one of the few Tekken players that's sponsored.
Garlic : I wonder, why someone wants to pay him to play games. Because he should've been an actor, and do commercials. Shampoo commercials, for beard.

Lizanias : Dragunov, is the char that's made him popular, in recent years.
Garlic : I have a feeling though, Drag is put off when he sees his beard.
Lizanias : You all should've seen him winning the tourney at ComicCon last month.

Garlic : You all should've seen his GF. I'm sure she has beard toooOOOO!!!
(Garlic just got hit by iWR2 from behind)

Aris : Does he always talk this much?
Lizanias : Well, that's Garlic. Ok, why don't we go straight to the interview.

Lizanias: Your Full Name?
Aris: Aris Bakhtaanians (pointing middle finger)

Lizanias: How old are you?
Aris: I turned 26 today. 9-12-1984
Lizanias: Hoo... Happy birthday Aris!

Lizanias: Where do you live?
Aris: Los Angeles California. (pointing middle finger)

Lizanias: So, when and how you met Tekken for the first time?
Aris: I played Tekken 1 and 2 for fun as a child with my friends up until T3. When TTT came out I met a guy named Damien (SuperT) who was an expert player at the time. He ended up getting second place at the TTT USA national tournament. Damien introduced me to several expert players who began to teach me how to play Tekken at a high level. I didn’t like T4 too much and I loved Soul Calibur 2 so I played that for a few years before returning to Tekken.

Lizanias: Where do you usually plays Tekken?
Aris: We have a few local arcades in the area that I play at once or twice a week. We also have console gatherings on occasion but I prefer arcade. (pointing middle finger)

Lizanias: What do you do on daily basis, besides playing Tekken?
Aris: I am a part time student and I also sell used police cars from my home (self employed). Tekken isn’t the only game I play. I like many different video game genres but Fighting games are by far my favorite.
Lizanias: Used police cars? Hookay.. im not gonna ask where'd you get those from, or even better, HOW..

Lizanias: Onto the next question. How far, gaming is influence your life now, especially Tekken?
Aris: There was a time, after SC2 and before Tekken 5 DR, that I didn’t play any fighting game at a competitive level because none of the currently played games were interesting to me. During this time I honestly felt a void in my life. I like playing fighting games at a high level because it is a creative outlet for me. I guess you can compare it to painting for a painter or sculpting for a sculptor. I consider myself a student of strategy. This is my favorite subject and fighting games are my
favorite outlet. (pointing middle finger)

Lizanias: Which Tekken version that you feel is more interesting. T6:BR/T5DR/T4/TTT? And why?
Aris: I think T6 BR is the best Tekken so far. It is in my opinion the most balanced and fun Tekken to date. I think TTT is also very interesting but it is very unbalanced and at a high level it is extremely boring.

Lizanias: Hoo.. I myself used to play TTT very much. Right, Garlic?
Lizanias: Hey, Garlic. Wake up! It's your turn to asking question!
Garlic : Uuuuuhhh... what.. what happened? did a freight train hit me?
Lizanias: Sort of.. come on. Your turn.

Garlic: So, uhhh.. Do you have any person that you look up as your role model? And Why?
Aris: No, There are many people, both alive and dead, that inspire me, but I have no role model. (pointing middle finger)

Garlic: What is your best achievements in tournaments so far?
Aris: Winning the SC2 World Tournament, and Qualifying for SBO (Tougeki) 2010.
Garlic: Right. you are qualified for the SBO. We'll be rooting for you Aris.

Garlic: Next. Pick a match that you feel is the most memorable in your life.
Aris: Playing Dan the Nightmare in the grand finals of the SC2 World tournament.
Garlic: SC2? World Tourneys? Wow.. thats rich.
Garlic: Btw, here's the link guys.

Garlic: Btw, do you have any rival?
Aris: No, I have had rivalries in the past but those players do not play Tekken anymore. I used to have a fierce rivalry with tieTYT and Redfoot. Both are from my area.

Garlic: Have you ever felt stuck in Tekken?
Aris: Yes, I constantly feel stuck in Tekken. I would say I hit a wall every 2 or 3 weeks and eventually find a way to get passed it. I try to keep an open minded attitude and learn as much as I can. I have many many strategies for getting passed these times. I sometimes seek the help of other players of other fighting games. (pointing middle finger)

Garlic: You've been everywhere. How'd you compare US stage to others?
Aris: The US is very strong but nowhere near the level or Japan or Korea. I think Europe has some players that are perhaps on the level of the US but not nearly as many. Over all I think the US has many more top level players then EU. I think Korean and Japan are on the same level but have a generally different style. Japan has a very strong defensive style while Korean players are far more aggressive. Both Japan and Korea have an extremely concentrated and strong arcade scene which explains their level of skill.

Garlic: I believe, you are the first professional Tekken Player. How did it lead to that chance?
Aris: When I went to Japan, I got a lot of attention and because everyone had good things to stay about my gameplay and personality, I got sponsored.
Garlic: Ahhh.. i think you got sponsored because you're as cute as a bear.

Garlic: What do you have to do as a pro gamer?
Aris: I don’t think of it that way. I still just play for fun. I love competing and I just try to keep it stress free. (pointing middle finger)

Garlic: Your Dragunov guide, is the MOST complete guide I have ever seen. How did you manage to write down all that stuff? Do you really like to research and write?
Aris: I believe this is a mistake. I have never posted any of my extensive Tekken related writings to the public. You must be referring to the guide written by tyler2K. I have many notes and writings on specific characters that I play. Most of my writings are on Drag, A king, Miguel, Yoshi, Wang, and Feng. These are the characters I have done extensive research in. I also have many pages of notes on general tournament strategy which would apply to any fighting game. I enjoy writing about characters and strategies but I rarely post my findings because I feel that it would be a poor strategic decision. I do however enjoying having strategy related debates with players privately.

Garlic: Your beard is so cool. How long has you've been keeping it?
Aris: I was born with it. (pointing middle finger)

Garlic: Ok, the last one. Do you have a girlfriend?
Aris: Yes, she is age 23 and does not play any video games. (pointing middle finger)

Garlic: Well, i guess that's it.
Lizanias : Thank you very much for your time, visiting our studio, Aris.
Aris: Nah. Its been a pleasure too
Garlic: We'll be seeing you in SBO next time, Aris.
Aris: Yeah, wish me luck (pointing middle finger)

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