October 13, 2010

Indotekken Highlights Reel - feat. Mr Naps (ENG)

Garlic just had an interview with another well known player.
This time it's Mr. Naps, who's probably the most popular Bryan player from USA.

Without futher ado, this is Highlights Reel featuring Mr. Naps.

The Real Deal! Mr. NAPS!

Indotekken Proudly Presents, Highlights Reel!
Featuring Mr. NAPS!
America's Strongest Bryan!

Garlic : Liz, get up. Go home...
Lizanias : Laureeennn.... CPR pleeassee..
Garlic : Lauren is not around! I'll call Yossa, so that he can give you a CPR.
Lizanias : No, no thanks. I'm okay.
Garlic : Damn, you just had a death match with Lexuzz, even Onad & Albert are worn out.

Garlic : Hey who's that? is that new kid? haven't seen him before.
Lizanias : Woah! And he uses Bryan. Let's verse him in a Deathmatch. I'm still pissed after getting hit by Bryan's taunt a lot.

5 minutes later. Jakarta becomes cloudy, with Feng & Eddy falling. There's a sign there's going to be a shower.

Lizanias : Who are you? why are you so good....
Mr. Naps : Why do you ask? Aren't we suppossed to meet here, for the interview?
Garlic : Wait? Mr. Naps?

Recorded voice :Hello, loyal audience of Indotekken! It's the show that's on every Sunday night, it's another edition of Indotekken Highlights Reel! Starring the best Tekken Players of the World. Hosted by your Coolest Reporters, Garlic and Lizanias!

Garlic : What the hell is that?
Lizanias : It's the soundbyte I made for when something like this happens, when we're too exhausted to make an introduction.

Garlic : Alright. Btw, Naps. We'll ask the questions while we're chilling on the sofa.

Lizanias : In this episode we have invited a famous Tekken player from the states, who is currently the strongest Bryan player in North America.

Garlic : We just had been taunt~JU'ed, a lot.

Lizanias : He's very strong. His Bryan is feared, and wins tourney in numerous tourneys.

Garlic : As a moderator at TZ for Feng, I'm suprised, Feng can actually do backward somersault and land gracefully face first, after getting hit by a mid-air JU.

Lizanias: Naps is America's hope, he is considered by some to be as good as Knee, Nin, and Rain.

Garlic : Alright, let's go straight to this interview. Liz, after you.
Lizanias : Why me?
Garlic : I'm still tired. C'mon.

Lizanias : Ok, Naps. What's your Full Name?
Mr. Naps : My full name is Jimmy Tran (my middle name is somewhat secret). I am Chinese-American.

Lizanias : How did you get your nickname, Mr. Naps?
Mr. Naps : Long story short, I used to take a lot of naps.
Lizanias : Ah!. Then thats makes Victor as Mr. Massage, or Yossa as Mr.Im-always-late-and-im-proud-of-it

Lizanias : Btw, how old are you?
Mr. Naps : I am 21 years old.
Garlic : *cough*-*cough* thats almost 10 years younger than me, and 15 than *cough*Liz*cough* (editor's note: garlic, you're such an ###)

Lizanias : Where do you live, Naps?
Mr. Naps : I live in and represent San Jose, California (NorCal), and have lived here my entire life.

Lizanias : When and how you did you meet Tekken for the first time?
Mr. Naps : I went to WonderPark, an old Namco arcade when I was 6 or 7 years old, and I played Tekken 2. That was my furthest memory back in terms of Tekken. In terms of really getting into competitive level, I started back in Tekken 5.0, because of two reasons. First, no one was playing Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike anymore (my first competitive fighting game, my nickname in that game was "Emphy", I have vids on YouTube if you're curious). Second, I was really drawn to the IC cards, and thought they were very cool.
Lizanias : We got the vids folks. Its right here. Naps was using Urien (Gills younger brother). Pretty good if you asked me.

Lizanias : Right, next question. Where do you usually play Tekken?
Mr. Naps : I play at Sunnyvale Golfland (SVGL), in Sunnyvale, California, about 20 minutes of a drive from San Jose.

Lizanias : So, what do you do on daily basis, besides playing Tekken?
Mr. Naps : I work at Namco Bandai Games America as a QA tester (I test video games that you have never heard of, or will never hear about).
Lizanias : Whooa? A dream job!
Garlic : For you maybe. My dream always involves blowj#b

Lizanias : Since youre sooo eager to talk. Why don't you ask the next question?
Garlic : Heh. Fine.

Garlic : So, how far, has gaming made an influence in your life now, especially Tekken?
Mr. Naps : I find it to be a big part of my life, because it interests me greatly. I find everything about it extremely fun, from learning how intricate the game can be, to the competition that people enjoy along with me.

Garlic : Which Tekken version that do you feel is more interesting. T6:BR/T5DR/T4/TTT? And why?
Mr. Naps : I think Tekken 6: BR is the most interesting, because of the amount of depth that it has. Then again, I am biased because I only started from Tekken 5, so I'm not sure if my answer would be different if I was around for, say, the TTT days.
Garlic : Well, im sure TTT2 would interest you.

Garlic : Btw, how do you see Bryan compared to others? Do you think, he's too overpowered?
Mr. Naps : I think Bryan is cutting it close for top 5. I think Bryan is a great character, but it's just that I also think there are even greater characters. My order of top 5 is Lars, Law, Bruce, Steve, and then either Bob or Bryan. I do not think Bryan is overpowered at all, although I do acknowledge the fact that some people seem to think otherwise.
Garlic : Fifth? You ranked him fifth?
Mr. Naps : Yep.

Garlic : Do you have any person that you look up as your role model? And Why?
Mr. Naps : To an extent, Knee provides the inspiration, but if I had to pick a person, it'd be Bronson "insanelee" Tran (no relation). He taught me how to get into high level Tekken play, and I have played him the most. He is one of the only people to make me feel like I was truly being out-thought, rather than most other times I'm playing the game where I just feel like I have to avoid the dumb stuff that my opponent will throw out randomly. For that, I have utmost respect for my teacher, insanelee.

Garlic : Dude, what is your best achievements in tournaments so far?
Mr. Naps : I don't even know anymore; I barely keep track because I've been to so many tournaments now. I'm only interested in becoming stronger at this point.

Garlic : Now, try pick a match that you felt the most memorable of your life.
Mr. Naps : It would probably have to be when I played ChetChetty in Grand Finals for the North American Tekken 6 Championships. That loss might have been the most heartbreaking loss, and I think it's true of everyone that losses are always the most memorable.
Garlic : Ah yes. You've lost that time. I also reckon, that Chet is the better player that time.

Garlic : And, Do you have any rivals?
Mr. Naps : It would probably be FightingGM or NYC Fab, because we're all expected to represent our respective coasts (I live on the West, they live on the East).

Garlic : So, Naps, you have had the chance to verse Knee, Nin and Rain. Which one is the strongest?
Mr. Naps : I feel that Knee is the strongest overall with the least amount of weaknesses, but I think the most effective would be Nin, because he plays like he doesn't care.

Garlic : Have you ever felt stuck in Tekken?
Mr. Naps : All the time. Probably even right now. I have been on a huge losing streak lately.

Garlic : You've been everywhere. How'd you compare US stage to others?
Mr. Naps : US is not that good at all compared to the obvious Japan and Korea. Japan and Korea think about the game better, they understand the game better, they play AT LEAST 5 times as much as we do (no exaggeration), and probably some more I'm forgetting. The only reason we even stand a chance is because of the game system in Tekken 6: BR.

Garlic: Right. So, thats concludes this week's interview.
Lizanias : Thank you very much for your time, Naps.
Mr. Naps : No sweat. I am honored that you would even think of interviewing me, and for that, I thank you!

Mr. Naps : Btw, want another round?
Garlic: Ah! Love to. But my pancreas says no. Liz, maybe?
Lizanias: Eh? wa.. I'm.. so sorry, i got a busway to catch.

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