October 24, 2010

Indotekken Highlights Reel - feat. XtiaN (ENG)

Garlic is back with another episode of Indotekken Highlights Reel. This time he interviews Indotekken's admin, whose also contributes a lot to the development of the Tekken community in Indonesia.

So, without futher ado this Highlights Reel with XtiaN.

Indotekken Proudly Presents, Highlights Reel!
Featuring X-Tian!
Indonesian Tekken Community Pioneer!

Garlic : Let's go Liz.
Lizanias : I don't think so. You should go first?

Garlic : Why me? I don't even know, why XtiaN called us.
Lizanias : Maybe it's because we ordered too much food at Mabes, and put it on his tab?

Garlic : You ate too much.
Lizanias : What, it was your idea wasn't it?

Garlic : Alright alright. The important thing is, we now stop blaming each other.
Lizanias : Ok. Should we go in now?
Garlic : Let's go.

[Garlic dan Lizanias enter XtiaN's office]

Garlic : Tian, I swear!! It was Liz' idea. I only ordered a bowl of noodles. But Liz ordered more!
Lizanias : [shocked]

XtiaN : What are you 2 talking about? We are doing an interview, so why are you two causing such a ruckus?
Garlic : Ha? Oooohhh.. so you called us for the interview?
Garlic : Haha.. I thought you wanted to discuss something else... kekh kekh kekh [Lizanias chokes Garlic]
Garlic : Li..kkehh.zz hekk... www..anna start it.. hekkkk

Lizanias : Hello Indotekken! It's the show that's on every Sunday night, it's another edition of Indotekken Highlights Reel!
Lizanias : Starring the best Tekken Players of the World. Hosted by your Coolest Reporters, Lizanias and, my-good-for-nothing-brother, Garlic.
Garlic : Good for nothing? that's mean. You better watch out. I'll draw on your face, while you're asleep.

Lizanias : On this episode, we've invited a veteran player who has contributed a lot to the growth of our Tekken community in Indonesia.

Garlic : So much, that he needs to be given the title national hero.
Lizanias : His sacrifices for the Indotekken community are countless.
Garlic : He's  a big man, with a big heart.
Lizanias : He's a long time Mishima fan.
Garlic : But turned to other chars, because he was turned off after seeing Heihachi's undies in Tekken 4.
Lizanias : He's also a succesfull lead programmer at Kotakgame.com.
Garlic : A not so successful game in my opinion, because his body is still roundish. (editor's note: what is he on about? I don't know.. :D )
Lizanias : Alright, let's go straight to the questions.

Lizanias : What's your full name?
XtiaN : Simply XtiaN. It's more manly.

Lizanias : How old are you?
XtiaN : 18, this year
Garlic : (whispers) are they allowed to lie here?
Lizanias : (whispers) sssttt... you want him to butt slam you now?
Garlic : Ehh.. no thank you.

Lizanias : So, Tian, when did you start playing Tekken?
XtiaN : At junior high.

Lizanias : Please tell us where you first played Tekken?
XtiaN : I was at my friend's house. Then I was shocked by the fact there was a new console after the SNES and it was so hot/cool coz it used CD's as the 'catridge'. When he switched it on, and had it played a fighting game. WOW..amaziiiing this game is so cool. Tekken was awesome. The 3D graphics were smooth, n the funny thing was when you held the select button you could make the chars' heads big. Before then I once played at an arcade in Bandung, and I stumbled upon Virtua Fighter 1, I was blown away when I saw the game and addicted to play as Akira. Which I only spammed p,p,p and f,f+k,k. I tried the Hadouken and Shoryuken motions, yet nothing came out at that time. After seeing Tekken 2, I was instantly hooked. The one with red Gi with tall high-top fade hair. When I did the Hadouken motion, he could throw out a move. That was Paul. Then I began copying lists of Tekken 2's 10-hit combos from Gamepro/EGM magazine. At school I'd memorize 10 strings, and when I started I used Paul, Law, Baek. Basically 10 strings were cool.In the early days of Tekken 2, people who could consistently pull out 10 strings = KNEE.

Lizanias : Which chars do you still like, up to now?
XtiaN : Heihachi.
I used to like Paul, Law, Baek, and lastly in Tekken 2 days I used to like Bruce.
1,2,d+4,3 rules and made me confident to join tourneys and I instantly reached top 4. In Tekken 3 I began to like the Mishimas especially Heihachi, I was inspired by my sparring buddies at Dojo Bojong. I learned Wavedashing, because I was inspired by them which we called it using a lame term "langkah seribu(thousand steps)". At that time Heihachi's WD mixup game only consisted of a throw, Hellsweep, and WGF. WGF at that time was MID. d/f+2 was enough to punish opponents, continued by WGF. And running 3 gave an awful lot of frame advantage, and WGF/Deathfist/d+1 was pretty much guaranteed. Basically, at that time Mishimas totally ruled. The Tekken 3 days, were the days I was at my prime where I always entered top 3 at almost all tourneys. Those days besides competing with Juanda, Johan Bojong, I also often versed Silvertear.

Then Tekken Tag came out, I was quite suprised with the fact that Mishimas were nerfed. WGF/EWGF became s.mid and Hellsweep became less useful. Afterwards I dabbled with Julia and Michelle.

Julia's wonder juggle u/f+4, d+2, FC,d/f+4,3, d/f+4,2,b,f+1 was cool.
But I watched Korean matches especially ones that had the Michael Jordan of Tekken which is Jang Iksu, I started to know more varities from WD, snake dash, bd etc.

Later on in Tekken 4 I used Jin and Xiaoyu because seeing Heihachi in his undies put me off at that time. Tekken 5 I began to play less because I was busy at college and began focusing on dating. I did however use DJ, Jin, Julia, Heihachi. During those days I was inspired by Qudans and Mainstreet Ryu 1st.

Qudans vs Mainstreet Ryu

And then, Tekken 6 came out I tried Leo, Miguel, Julia, Bruce but eventually returned to Heihachi again. Eventhough he's been nerfed a lot(no simple launcher, no Twin Piston, d/f+2 is ass#$#itf4ck, no hopkick, u+4 doesn't launch, d+1+4 doesn't track) but he still has that charisma and he has his own history.

Lizanias : You are a veteran(OG) in our community, which one do you feel is more interesting. TTT, T4, T5DR, or T6BR?

XtiaN : Tekken 3 and Tekken 6:BR. Tekken 3 because it was the time I was very active as a player and did well in tourneys.
Tekken 6 because I become active as a community manager and constantly put effort to make the Tekken community as the largest fighting game community in Indonesia, the most popular and the one that gets the most publicity from the media that covers video games & online games. Eventhough I don't 'go to the field' as a player, I'm content to see this Indotekken community growing especially since this Ranking Battle has been successful in 4 major cities, and giving many positive influences.

Lizanias : Could you tell us, what you do beside playing Tekken?
XtiaN : I now work at an IT company in Indonesia, as the web director/project manager.

Lizanias : kotakgame.com, please tell us more about Kotakgame?
XtiaN : Sideproject. I'm one of the founders as well as their project manager.
Kotakgame was built to fullfil our vision, as one of the Indonesian game portal with most content.

Lizanias : Kotakgame really seem to fully support Indotekken. How did they became so supportive?
XtiaN : Kotakgame actually supports all gaming communities.hehehe. Lastly Kotakgame also has good relationships with game centers, the IndoSF, and the PES/WE(Pro Evolution Soccer) communities.

Lizanias : Do you have a role model?
XtiaN : Jang Iksu, Seok Dongmin, Qudans, Mainstreet Ryu, Knee (although I don't use Bryan, I enjoy seeing him play. His face is 99% similiar to my younger brother who was Mr Kula's best friend when they were still in junior high school). Oh and also MadDogJin. When I came to Korea last year, I visited visited Green Arcade to find him and take a picture with him.

XtiaN with MadDogJin

Garlic : How did you learn & improve in Tekken?
XtiaN : Tried some juggles, I often attended gatherings along with my friends and during Tekken 3 days I used to download Castel's combo videos and read Gamefaqs.
These days, I don't have much time to practice & spar, now I can only browse the forums, watch Tekken Crash and other major tournaments to make them as my references.

IMO, the important thing is balance the reference from the internet, and actual gameplay when you're playing with your mates.

Playing and attending gatherings alone can't improve a player much. Watching videos and reading strats alone can't make a player good although he/she has practiced their juggle execution. There has to be a balance between theory and practice(real gameplay). Execution, reflex, punishing frame disadavatanges, and you also need to balance that with knowing your char and opponent's character frame data.

*Practice includes: practice on your own(juggles, throw breaks, time your juggle to walls), casual matches, tourney matches.
Theory: strats forums (including frame data), vids.

Garlic : Can you tell us, what your best achievements are?
XtiaN : I have mentioned a few before. My best achievements were during the Tekken 3 days. When Tekken 4 was just released, I reached the grand finals once. Those were the times I used to play a lot with Ban(another old school player) but I stopped playing for a while because I was focusing on my studies, final assignment, and part time job which was very time consuming.

These days(T6BR), my best achievements are managing Indotekken Crash Tournament, Ranking Battle, and WCG 2010 Qualifiers. Eventhough I'm not as active and competitive, I feel satisfied from managing this community along with Indotekken moderators whom work well together.

WCG 2010 initiates Indotekken gamers' involvement with the international communities, and of course we hope next year, we'll be able to send our best player to win WCG 2011. We must assure the player can get his permit/visa.

Garlic : Do you have any memorable matches? Who was your opponent and which event were you at ?
XtiaN : Tekken 3 vs Juanda, Johan, Richard and Silvertear in various tournaments that were held by Multitoys. I remember when we were close to reach the semi-finals,  in either 1997 or 1998, playing against Silvertear(who was maining Lei in those days), I should've reached the finals but what could I do. The last hit of my Heihachi combo WGF, 1, f+1,b+2,1 whiffed.

And the one that stays in my memories, was when I fought against Richard who at that time was the favourite because he used GON. Everyone lost against him because they had no idea on how to play against Gon, I too almost lost to him, but at the last moment I abused Hei's d+1 and so I managed to get 3rd place in that tourney.

Garlic : Ok. Now we'll talk more about Indotekken. How long has it existed.
 XtiaN : For many many years since Tekken 2, I used get my friends together and play in Bojong, Glodok, sometimes at GM. We officially had the name Indotekken during Tekken 4 days.

Garlic : How did Indotekken start?
XtiaN : Info and history of Indotekken has been covered on various maganizes, and recently was covered in Gamezine's August 2010 edition and HotGame's September edition.(shout outs to Indotekken media partners)

Garlic : Is there still an ongoing dispute/conflict with VGI? Btw,you may choose to have no comment.

XtiaN : No, we have good relationships with VGI and no problem with them. I often meet and have conversation with Kelly who frequently visits the office to have meetings with my colleagues.
Garlic : Have there been any difficulties in making Indotekken grow so far?
XtiaN : There were ups and downs. This Tekken 6 BR era is the golden age of Tekken in Indonesia because these days, players in major cities get together and many players play Tekken. Especially since Tekken 5, we have Garlic & Lizanias who have helped the Indotekken community grow. They two are awesome reporters at Indotekken. (editor's note: oh thank you.. *blushes)

Usually the major challenge is to have the members actively contribute, sometimes it's hard to find the right people. Usually we have many people who can share ideas but they may not be able to realise those ideas and want to work as one of the tourney organizers. But so far so good, at every tourney/gathering, at the last minute, help always arrives. It'll certainly be better if more people want to volunteer.
(editor's note: sometimes days before these kind of events, nobody would say something like "alright I'll run the bracket, or I'll bring my camera, etc. But right on the day, one or two people voluntarily help)
Garlic : What is your hope for the Indotekken community?
XtiaN : The Indotekken community becomes bigger and better as well as being recognised through international events such as the WCG, SBO, World Tourney, etc.

I also hope that the Indotekken community can have people who actively help this community grow. We need more active players, who can get people play together and unite them. Everybody must have the initiative to get people play together and keep the passion for the game alive if they want to have people to play with.

I'm sure many Indotekken members sometimes don't have anyone to spar with or they don't have any opponents when they want to have a DM. Instead of waiting for someone to get people together or waiting for the next event/tourney, they should have the initiative to contribute to the forums and regularly set dates for gatherings or DM's.

Garlic : Alright that wraps up our show. Even the maid turn her head to us after that chanting
Lizanias : Thank you Tian, for your time.
XtiaN : No worries. Btw, why were you two arguing?
[BRAK] sound of the door being slammed. Garlic fled first

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